Welcome to the new Smith Counseling Centres website!

Smith Counseling Centres is excited about the launch of its new website; the first major change to the website since it was first launched in 2001. In addition to the new look, the new website offers a wide range of new features and functionality for our clients.

The Smith Counseling Centres website has gone dynamic and interactive. Things are continually changing and evolving in the real world, and now the website will also. The most exciting change to you, the client, is that you will now have the ability to post content to the Smith Counseling website, and can stay informed with what is happening within the Smith Counseling community.

The goal is to bring our clients closer together and to strengthen our sense of community. Our group meetings have always been a major contributor to the feeling of community that exists at Smith Counseling. We feel that the more connected our clients feel to the other individuals at Smith Counseling, the more engaged they will be with the group, and the more a client engages themselves with the group, than the more responsive they will be to the therapeutic nature of the group process. It is our hope that allowing our clients to interact with each other on the website will help to supplement that sense of community.