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Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP)

Smith Counseling Centres offer the Intensive Out-Patient Program to continue serving the increasing needs of those requiring a more intensive treatment program, but do not require hospitalization and/or do not have benefits of a comprehensive personal insurance program. The program cost is kept at a minimum.

The program includes the following:

  • A complete evaluation utilizing the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test M.AST, as well as the ADE NEEDS ASSESSMENT
  • An educational component.
  • Group Therapy sessions 3~5 times weekly.
  • Optional private individual sessions.
  • All appropriate correspondence to referral sources.


  • All participants are expected to make an initial contact appointment within seven (7) days of the referral
  • The LO.P. consists of 24 contact hours with Smith Counseling Centres. Each client’s program will be individualized at the Intake interview.
  • Options for the 24 contact hours requirement include items from the selections above and will include at least one (“1) 12 step support group per week.
  • No correspondence with the referral source can be completed without payment in full. A regular payment plan can be offered as well as VISA/MASTERCARD.