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Michigan 2010 “Had Been Drinking” Alcohol Related Crash Facts

Information regarding alcohol involvement was collected from all investigated fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes in Michigan during 2010. A fatal crash is alcohol-related if any driver, pedestrian, or cyclist involved was reported by the police officer on the Traffic Crash Report as “had been drinking.”


Alcohol impairment has major effects on traffic safety.


  • A total of 868 fatal crashes occurred in Michigan in 2010. 264 (30.4%) of those fatal crashes were alcohol-related.
  • The fatality count of persons involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes was 283 in 2010. This accounts for 30.2 percent of the total number of persons killed (937).
  • Crashes involving drinking tend to be more serious than nondrinking crashes.
  • The percentage of fatalities is eight times higher than in all crashes and the most serious injury level (incapacitating) is 5.5 times higher.
  • 68.6 percent of all alcohol-related fatal crashes involved one vehicle.
  • Of the pedestrians killed in 2010, 27 deaths were the result of a had-been-drinking crash and 26 (96.3%) of these pedestrians had been drinking.
  • Of the motorcyclists killed in 2010, 24 deaths were the result of a had-been-drinking crash and 22 (91.7%) of these motorcyclists had been drinking.
  • Of the bicyclists killed in 2010, eight deaths were the result of a had-been-drinking crash and six (75.0%) of these bicyclists had been drinking.
  • Of the snowmobilers killed on Michigan roadways in 2010, eight deaths were the result of a had-been-drinking crash and eight (100.0%) of these snowmobilers had been drinking.
  • Had-been-drinking injury crashes peak on Saturday and Sunday, and in the hours between midnight and 2:59AM (a particularly hazardous travel period).
  • In 2010, had-been-drinking injury crashes were highest in July (406) and August (412).
  • The highest number of HBD fatal crashes, 31, occurred in August and October.
  • The midnight to 2:59 AM time period had the highest rate of had-been-drinking fatal crashes (73.9%), while noon to 2:59 PM had the lowest rate (6.4%).
  • The weekend had the highest proportions of alcohol-related fatal crashes.
  • The severity of injuries is much worse for drivers and passengers who had been drinking.
  • Of the 9,793 (gender reported) drinking drivers involved in crashes, 7,209 (73.6%) were male and 2,584 (26.4%) were female.
  • 2,774 (28.3%) of the (gender reported) drinking drivers in crashes were age 24 and younger.
  • 30.4 percent of all fatal crashes involved at least one drinking operator or pedestrian.