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Another Earth

I recently watched the film Another Earth.  It is about a girl who is accepted to MIT and is interested in astronomy.  After a night of partying, she is driving and hears an announcement on the radio that a planet, nearly identical to earth has been discovered.  As she is gazing out the window, trying to …

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“Life in a Day” Documentary Tells the Story of a Day On Planet Earth

Produced by Ridley Scott and filmed by people all over the world, “Life in a Day” is a documentary which is supposed to serve “…as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010”. The feature length Life in a Day can be viewed …

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“Bob and the Monster” Documentary

“Bob and the Monster”, follows the outspoken indie-rock hero Bob Forrest, through his life-threatening struggle with addiction, to his transformation into one of the most influential and controversial drug counselors in the US today. Bob and the Monster crafts contemporary footage, animation and compelling interviews with archival performances and personal videos from Bob’s past to …

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