Hello All, I’m an old fart with many years of experience under my gut. I walked many miles, seen all parts of the world, been a drunk and alcohol abuser off and on until I decided enough was enough. I’m happy to say I have known Richard for many years, and consider him a good friend, and one of the best counselors in the area. I’ve help Richard, with Alcohol and Drug Assessment, and done some counseling under his supervision for a few years. I lived with hate, despair, anger, and alcohol, for a few years, seen a lot of shrinks, been on a lot of medications, some were of some help; others were just a bunch of pill pushers. Taking more time for myself, as with any kind of recovery is the key to recovery. You have to do it for yourself and no one else. You have to have determination no matter what; nothing should come before your sobriety. Sobriety is a selfish recovery program, point blank. What good does beating your self up accomplish? To some extent it’s good, but when it becomes a hindrance, for change you want to accomplish its nothing more then harmful to any worth while goal, to positive change. Watch out for backsliding also, or what they call relapse, thinking and thoughts about drinking. So stay away from non-sober people, and places, and hangouts. Because they will all have an effect on your sobriety. Be the best you can be and take it one day at a time, not only in staying sober, but looking at your recovery program, and staying with it. My advice is free; you can take it or leave it. Wish all of you, the best in your recovery. Hope I can be of help in a limited way!

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“Who Am I?”

“Who Am I?“. I am more deadly than the screaming shell of the cannon. I win without killing. I tear down homes, break hearts, and wreck lives.   I travel on the wings of the wind. No innocence is strong enough to intimidate me, no purity pure enough to daunt me. I have no regard …

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The Knots Prayer

  Disclaimer: The distinctive novelty is that each person in a 12 Step program is allowed to choose their own concept of God. There is full liberty of belief and no end to the varieties of belief. Therein AA, NA, CA, and other 12 Step Programs, differs from the churches that require belief in certain …

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UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Love without condition

The distinctive novelty is that each alcoholic, drug addict, or any person is allowed to choose his own concept of God. There is full liberty of belief and no end to the varieties of belief.   UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Love without condition   I love you as you are, as you seek to find your own special …

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THE GOD CONCEPT IN ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS From Religion in Life, Vol. 18(1): 25-33, 1948 Alcoholics Anonymous, which now has 1,700 groups with 70,000 members and influence far beyond its membership, is a spiritual movement, a faith cure for alcoholism. Men and women find that they have been trying to live without God, and then they …

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Quotes July 20, 2012

May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears, And, above all, may silence make you strong. Chief Dan George, Native American No matter where life takes you… don’t forget where you came from…Ellen There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, …

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Quotes July 19, 2012

Some people tell me I have a “Short temper”, I prefer to call it: “A swift and assertive reaction to bullshit”   DON’T JUDGE ME BY MY PASS. I DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE   If you persistently seek validation from others you will inadvertently invalidate your own self-worth. — Dodinsky Every Struggle in your life …

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Quotes July 18, 2912

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep in your heart, I’ll stay forever! Winnie the Pooh A person’s true nature insn’t revealed by what they say or do, it is revealed by those that decide who are their friends. Unknown It’s not the FUTURE that you’re afraid of. It’s repeating …

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Quotes July 17, 2012

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Author Unknown. I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. – Carl Jung You must fine the place inside yourself where nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Deepak Chorpra

Quotes July 16, 2012

Don’t waste your time on negative people. The world is filled with so many beautiful SOULS who know the meaning of honesty, loyalty and friendship. Focus your attention on them. Julia Turner.  If you want something you’ve never had – you have to do something you’ve never done…. PTSD-Awareness-Reclaiming-Yourself-For-Good People we created to be loved. …

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The Nine Aspects of Life The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The …

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